Take a pause with me to reflect back on the pandemic has meant to us and to begin to look forward at what is to come.⁣

This is a recording of a live workshop at the end of 2020. While it refers to the events of 2020, you can also use it to process your feelings about the pandemic as a whole. On purchase, you will receive a link to the recording as well as session notes including journal/talking prompts.

It would be all too easy to go crashing forwards, desperate to leave lockdowns and bad news behind us. What a year to be alive!

And everyone’s tired, and a bit low on headspace to be able to think about plans.⁣

⁣But let’s face it, this has been a tough time. Tough for everyone, and tough in a very particular way for parents. Suddenly thrown into home schooling, losing childcare, newfound pressures on relationships, juggling working from home and children, or perhaps figuring out how to leave children and return to an essential keyworker job. ⁣

It would be easy to leave that behind and try and forget it ever happened.⁣

But when we don’t look at what we’ve been through - and what we’ve made of it, learned from it, the feelings we are left with - it has a habit of weighing on us. When we can face what we have been through, we can tuck it away and leave it behind.⁣


It covers:

- the key challenges of 2020

- where this has left our minds and bodies

- reflecting on the strength and resilience we have demonstrated

- forgiveness for the hardest times

- a letting go exercise

- beginning to look forward to what is to come

- reflective questions to move on with conscious awareness